Core Values

The Core Values of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, describe the kind of people we want to be as we engage in our mission to glorify God, transform lives and impact the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. These values serve as the foundation of our ministry and hopefully capture God’s purpose found in Scripture.



We focus our eyes on the true Jesus, as one who holds all things together. (Col 1:17).  Jesus is truth (Jn 14:6, Jn 16:13). He is revealed in the truth of Scripture (Jn 17:17) and we seek to glorify Him in truth (Ps 51:6).



Our Christian faith is rooted in tradition, recognises our heritage, is alive in the present, and looks to the future. We are a people with a vision and people willing to take faith steps when prompted by the Spirit to move towards God’s goal.


GOD CENTERED – We seek to know and worship God. This is HIS Church.
PRAYERFUL – The prayer life of this church will be foundational for all we do.
BIBLICAL BASED STUDY – God has spoken, is speaking and will speak in and through his word. We are committed to teaching and training people in this way of life. We desire to be a people who live out God’s word daily.
RELEVANT – We will meet people where they are and introduce them to a living God.
RELATIONAL – Our goal is to develop relationships through which people come to know Jesus and in which they are strengthened and grow in their life with him. To be relational we will have to be real as we ‘share life’ together and demonstrate authentic practical love to others.
RADICAL – We will encourage whole hearted, lifelong following of Jesus. We will expect to see spiritual transformation in all areas of life and consequently will make a difference socially, economically, politically, and practically.