Proverbs 29:18 – “Where there is no vision, the people perish…..” We believe that God gives the vision for the church to a man and the man for MPBC is none other than the esteemed Rev. Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana this gifted Master Teacher, wordsmith and biblical storyteller graduated with a B.A. from Dillard University, New Orleans, LA;  Masters of Divinity – Colgate Rochester Divinity School; Doctorate of Ministry – United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH (Samuel Dewitt Proctor Fellow); and Honorary Doctorates – Dillard University; Boston University and Virginia Seminary (Lynchburg, VA)

As God gives gifts to the church, in 2001 He “gifted” MPBC with Rev. Johnny Ray Youngblood.  Called to serve by the official board of MPBC – it was decided that he would serve as interim Pastor/Advisor. It was Pastor Youngblood’s intention to serve one year, however on February 28, 2002 – he was voted as Pastor Elect and installed as full time pastor on May 26, 2002.  God’s sanctioning of this union of Pastor and People is now manifested in the multitude of accomplishments and opportunities that now hallmark Pastor Youngblood’s watch at Mt. Pisgah

  • The attendance has more than tripled
  • The giving has reached new heights and is steadily escalating
  • The involvement of members in day to day, week to week ministries is more than encouraging. It may be a downright miracle.  A new sense of ownership of both property and program is the driving consciousness of the membership. It’s a new day at The Mount and we trust that we’ve got THE VIEW into the promise land.


For Brooklyn and the greater metropolitan area, the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church has become the headquarters for the Project Safe Surrender – a social justice program that aggressively assists in the decriminalization of a people.  Mt Pisgah has also been blessed to experience its first Commemoration of The MAAFA (2016). 


Before 2001, Dr. Youngblood spent 35 years (1974-2009) at the St. Paul Community Baptist Church where the achievements of that union of Pastor and People are nothing short of legendary. Samuel Gary Freedman’s award winning book “Upon This Rock” chronicles at least a portion of Pastor Youngblood’s accomplishments.


Budget, membership, acquisition of property, liquidation of indebtedness, unique and explosive ministries, education and community, missions and social justice;  God graciously gave a MIDAS TOUCH.


Led by the Spirit of God, Dr. Youngblood retired “at the top of his game”  from a hot and productive workout at St. Paul Community Baptist Church. Not yet finished,  God provided what at first seemed like a cool down across town at Mt. Pisgah, these days he sees preaching, teaching and challenging as the tools of “spiritual engineering’ necessary for conforming to the image of Jesus Christ.  Mt. Pisgah is God’s new platform to use Dr. Youngblood to “do it again” but in a different and greater way.    His Late Pastor William A. Jones shared a proverb with Dr. Youngblood that goes something like this:” My primary ambition in life is to find a field and then leave it better than I found it.”  He is a consummate pastor, teacher, organizer, leader, artist and prophet.  His work is widely recognized and has earned him great respect for producing the phenomenal, by challenging the traditional and empowering oppressed people to achieve the impossible.


He has also served as Interim Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Buffalo, NY (1972); Assistant to the Pastor {Rev. Dr. William A. Jones}, Bethany Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY {361 days}.


Youngblood is the father of three sons, Johnny Jernell, Joel Ray and Jason Royce, and grandfather of Donnalyn, Joshua, Jalen, Jordyn, Jasmine and Nicholas.